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                                                     ★ KENYA DEWITH ★

is the progressive trance project of the well known Mexican producer Kenya Dewith .She started to play and produce electronic music
Since young age , attending festivals in and out of Mexico City than decided to study the career of DJ and production ,
school of music G - MARTELL On Mexico City .
Playing in different Clubs as well in open air festivals in and out Mexico City also.
Later she was invited to play in Israel, India , Italy, Spain ,Holland ,Germany and Belgium in Different Festivals and Clubs
sharing the stage with international artists throughout his career
Part of the Labels : Stereofly Records (France ) Juicy Noise Records (Berlin) and Cyberfunk_Tribalismo Union Records (Greece)
Producing Techno ,Psytrance & Progressive Trance
Making Realeses Sinse 2015 with Labels like : Stereofly Récords,Ovnimoon Records ,Yellow Sunshine Explosion in the V.A. GOA Vol 58 ,LW Recordings
Juicy Noise Records , Geomagnetic Records Parabola Music
Sinse 2017 Playing every week on Tribalismo Radio From Greece Hosting Big Djs Artists from all over the world
Part also to the label : cyberfunk Tribalismo Union Records From Greece


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