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                                                      Fractal Impulse 


Oliver Kuhn is a Psy and Progressive Trance Artist and DJ from Germany. He came first time in touch with Electronic Music 1992 and was immediately impressed. To get deeper into that kind of Music, he decided to begin with DJing. He started his mixing experience with Vinyl´s and later with CD and Mp3, exploring Genres like Techno, Acid and Progressive Trance.

Finding his passion in the rapidly developing Psychedelic Music, he primarily focused his style on Psytrance, Fullon, Chillout and Progressive Trance Music. Within his Dj Sets he finds a harmonic, creative and expressive way to transport his own philosphy into a Psychedelic Experience. His first Festival exp. he had 2017 on the "Tree of Life Festival" in Greece. In that Year he also finished his Study to an Audio Engeneer and Musicdesigner.

His first 2 Chillout EP´s ("Message frome the Shaman / Soul Fragments") was released on "Geomagnetic Records" based in San Fransisco. First and Second Psytrance EP arised with a collaboration with "Shacom Delia". Released on Geomagnetic and Stereofly Records. The lastet releases are on "Sunna records" on the Album "Celestial Beats Vol. 3 and 4"

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